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Frequently Asked Questions About Grief: Find answers to your most common questions about grief.

Family bedsideKeeping Watch: Readings, prayers and spiritual resources for those keeping vigil and giving care.

Knowledge of the Grief Process gives us a very generalized map of the terrain we have to cover. Each of us will take a different route. Each will choose his own landmarks.

It’s Happening Again:  Bereaved mom, Sandy Goodman, remembers and reminds that those who grieve need more than the arrival of spring to make it through the valley. They need you.

Children and Grief: Parents should be aware of normal childhood responses to a death in the family, as well as danger signals.

A Guide to Grief will help you understand the grief you and others may feel after a death, whether sudden or anticipated.

Helping Teenagers Cope with Grief Bereaved teens give out all kinds of signs that they are struggling with complex feelings, yet are often pressured to act as they are doing better than they really are.

How Do You Know You Are Feeling Better? You can measure the progress you have made in adjusting to your loss by identifying certain feelings and behaviors which have appeared.

Father and sonWhat Do We Need During Grief?   lists seven areas requiring special attention during the grieving process.


Ideas for Writing: You may find it helpful to “sort out” your thoughts about your loved one by writing a letter to the person who died.

Poetry by Thomas John Carlisle

Healing After a Loss: Suggested actions for the bereaved and for those who care.

The Final Journey - Hospice Stories: A collection of stories about death and dying.

The Invisible Cloak   Grief can sometime be like an invisible cloak that you may unwittingly wear.


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Widow Net   contains help locating other widows and widowers online, a mailing list, recommended books, support groups, poetry, and information on multicultural views of death and dying.

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Comfort Zone Camp The nation's largest bereavement camps for children ages 7-17. Camps are free and they offer weekends and a week-long camp.

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