Joyful Noise and Hymns of Lament

Music offers a rich resource to you as you keep watch. Hymns, chants and litanies from your tradition may touch you in places that words cannot. These melodies may offer you comfort, assurance, peace, a sense of connectedness to God and to your community of faith (church, synagogue, temple...). Look to music to feed your soul. You may seek God in music by:

  • Listening to tapes of religious music that are meaningful to you. If your loved one enjoys the music, play them where you can hear them together. If you do not have a tape, contact your congregation's musician for assistance or ask a friend to help.
  • Sing to your loved one whether she is awake or asleep.
  • Ask a friend or invite a choir member to come sing to you while you and your loved one rest.

Don't be surprised if music brings out deep emotions in you. The music can gently touch your pain and offer peace.